Aesthetic experiences

There is a small but significant interest in the aesthetic and its connection to leadership. This most often appears as ‘creativity’ and ‘innovation’. It is included in writings and workshops on the competencies and the culture needed to create them.

There are, however, other engaging connections of the aesthetic and leadership. The vision of great artists, for example the Impressionists, has changed how we see the world –literally. We travel many miles for the experience of being with their works, spend large amounts of money to purchase the originals – or copies of them. We do the same with those who have changed our lives: leaders, teachers, and others. We want to be in their presence, keep artifacts of our time with them, take their example, their values, as paths to follow in our lives.

The aesthetic experience is a total fusion of our imagination and the work of art. This sense of being lifted out of time inspires us and transforms our understanding of what aesthetics contributes to our well being.

Copyright © Patricia Klinck  –  Photo credit: Julie Jenkins

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