KeyLinks Newsletter – Autumn 2010

Please feel free to share my blog with friends and colleagues – and to write to me with your thoughts and challenges.

It is an early autumn, rainy, moody and full of colors! For those of us who are born in November this is our season – regardless of when it starts. From long habit this is my month to go to Australia. I arrive in Melbourne on September 18 and hope to see many dear fiends there.

I will be working on leadership with group women academics from the University of Melbourne. In preparation for my time there, I have reviewed leadership and its many perspectives. For your interest included are two short articles in which I explore some of the ways that leadership grows and can be recognized:

Learning About Leadership – The Extraordinary Experiences

Learning About Leadership – The Everyday Experiences

Although I have taken the term ‘destiny’ out of the title of this page, it remains in my thoughts. When I was told in April that I had breast cancer. I was taken aback and couldn’t make sense out of the news. The results of tests and biopsies proved the diagnosis – operation and radiation have confirmed that I am among the fortunate who have no trace of cancer left in my body. It has been a steep learning curve about how I am willing to deny, bargain and finally accept reality. As a coach I will practice my profession with greater understanding and compassion.

I have included the second chapter of my Camino writings and hope that you continue to enjoy them. I owe so much to Barbara Turner-Vesselago for her support, the challenges she has given me and her insight into my writing. Without her inspiration and encouragement I wouldn’t be where I am now – and that is within two chapters of finishing!

One response to “KeyLinks Newsletter – Autumn 2010

  1. I absolutely loved your Camino writings – thank you for sharing them. The Camino walk sounds like an inspiring journey.

    Kind regards,

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