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Do you sometimes say to yourself:

“I’d give anything to have someone to call and just talk to, someone I could bounce ideas with!” ?

Then you need a conversation with someone you can really talk to and trust – Someone who offers you unique opportunities to learn and to reflect …

As your coach I will take on this role. I will be the person who understands your journey and is committed to working with you:
– To identify your values and your vision
– To set the pace for change
– To open up discussions so that you make informed decisions
– To sustain your energy as you meet challenges and obstacles

In our time together we will talk about opportunities to explore personal professional issues such as:

– Your unique understanding of power and authority
– Your processes for identifying a problem and designing your strategies and solutions
– A personal professional plan to enhance your leadership
Understanding the role of talk in shaping meetings and interviews
– Define the ethical and moral aspects of leadership

Here are some situations where others have turned to me for coaching. Among them you may recognize challenges
you have confronted:

– A request from a CEO for a process to evaluate his leadership and to set personal professional goals
– Ways to deal with the people in the change process
– Support for managers as they take on new roles
– Analyzing cultural conflict in mergers and planning how to get beyond
– Clarifying roles and succession issues

Definition of Coaching

Since I obtained my IFC credential and started coaching, I am often asked, “What is coaching? What makes it unique?”

For me, coaching is a partnership unlike any other. Its uniqueness is shaped through the ongoing conversations that you, as client, and I, as coach, have together. What sets our conversations apart is your desire and willingness to explore key aspects of your life. You bring your passion and self-knowledge to this task. As you clarify issues and outcomes, you transform your life by aligning your values, actions and passion.

As your coach, my mandate and responsibility to you is to construct a framework of questions and processes that opens, supports and challenges you to go deeper. And I am your fellow traveler who holds that space for you.

Please take a moment and listen to the definition I have included:

Please also view this explanation of my personal approach to coaching:

Testimonials from past coaching projects:

“Thank you for the coaching sessions. – Using your framework prepared me as a CEO to take a stronger role in our strategic plan.”

“My coaching relationship with Pat has provided me the ability to recognize and step into my fears both personally and professionally. She is effective in identifying my energy blocks and how to overcome them. After working with Pat, I felt significantly more energized and confident to move forward.” Daria P.

“It was a wonderful experience to receive coaching from Dr. Klinck. Her insight, humor, guidance and genuine honesty, sent me in many directions I would not have otherwise thought to enter. I am enjoying the advantage of being able to approach situations and people with a new perspective.” Karen M.

“Having Pat coach me was like sitting with the wizard that magically allowed me to put into words what I had previously been struggling with from inside of myself and express it in such a way that I could capture the deeper meaning and create powerful fuel for motivation.” O. Z.

“Pat is a wonderful coach who brings positivity, enthusiasm and possibility to her client. She blends curiosity and knowing how to ask the difficult questions with a strong ability to bring perspective to any situation. Pat is creative – she pushes her client out of their comfort zone to explore possibilities they had not thought of. Pat focuses on identifying and pursuing the strengths of her client and is careful to balance her discussions so as not to steer in any one direction, but to push her client to determine their goals and ultimately, their future. It has been a pleasure to work with Pat.” Stephanie G.

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