As facilitator I work with groups to open conversations, bring out questions and to explore the understanding and commitment participants have for their work. I often design the workshops and seminars by interviewing employees prior to the seminar. In all cases, I work to improve group communication so that the outcomes are sustainable.

Facilitator roles are varied and deal with a wide range of challenges.
In all cases, the greater the participation, the stronger the outcomes. It is wise when starting the group work – regardless of how well they know each other, to strike a topic that is common to everyone. For example, participants break into small groups of two or three around a topic such as “Who was the leader in your family?” They are given a short period of talk time and then volunteer to sum up of their ideas to the large group. Barriers are broken down and lively discussion follows.

Testimonials from past facilitation projects:

“The sense of community built during the workshop will be a major factor in our team building!”

“The content was great – but what I liked the best was watching you work with us. You are a great facilitator and an inspiration.”

“By talking about bigger things and encouraging us to discuss bigger issues you’ve made our daily work and larger purpose clearer and easier.”

“I have learned to be more courageous and assume nothing. Thank you, Pat, you embody the courage of leadership!”

“There are no stupid questions except for the ones you don’t ask.”

“Today was one of those special days when people learn and share experiences. – Everyone was so on task, so a lot of valueable comments and observations were made. We will dwell in those back at work.”

“Pat is a wonderful facilitator – asking questions and letting the group pursue the possibilities – with her guidance , extended thinking occurs – its very synergistic”

Copyright © Patricia Klinck  –  Photo credit: Julie Jenkins