The Vision of KeyLinks International Consulting Ltd.
We are committed to finding “keys” which open doors of possibility and potential for our clients. The “keys” come with many “links”: new skills and frameworks, approaches to reflection, understanding of how knowledge is created. We do this through the art of conversation, that is, by opening up topics, practicing the art of questioning, using metaphors and imagination. By emphasizing the role of conversation, we affirm faith in each other and shared hope in the future we are creating.

Our logo is the double Celtic knot. Each loop is unique and unites to create a complex pattern. This paradox of uniqueness and unity underpins our beliefs. The body, spirit, mind and heart are interconnected and cannot be treated independently.

Dr. Patricia Klinck is President of KeyLinks International Consulting Ltd. She brings extensive experience as a senior executive and consultant who has worked in Canada and internationally.

Pat is currently expanding her practice to Calgary. You are invited to contact her and explore how she could assist you.

Coaching is an integral part of the KeyLinks mandate. The coaching relationship is recognized as increasingly more important in today’s society. Its purpose, as defined by KeyLinks, is to awaken in each of us the potential to lead our lives more fully and in alignment with our values.

How does coaching create this transformation? Coaching is a conversation unlike any other. What sets it apart is you the client and your desire and willingness to explore key aspects of your life. Enabled by the coach’s skills in dialogue and communication, you are able to uncover knowledge, skills and the creative potential to change. You take charge of the outcomes and transform your personal and professional life.

My coaching practices capitalize on my life experiences, knowledge of leadership, organizations and on my studies on dialogue. I am credentialed through the International Coaching Federation.

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