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Coaching and Cancer Interview

In this video I relate my experience with cancer and coaching:

Definition of Coaching

Since I obtained my IFC credential and started coaching, I am often asked, “What is coaching? What makes it unique?”

For me, coaching is a partnership unlike any other. Its uniqueness is shaped through the ongoing conversations that you, as client, and I, as coach, have together. What sets our conversations apart is your desire and willingness to explore key aspects of your life. You bring your passion and self-knowledge to this task. As you clarify issues and outcomes, you transform your life by aligning your values, actions and passion.

As your coach, my mandate and responsibility to you is to construct a framework of questions and processes that opens, supports and challenges you to go deeper. And I am your fellow traveler who holds that space for you.

Copyright © Patricia Klinck  –  Photo credit: Julie Jenkins