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Coaching and Cancer Interview

In this video I relate my experience with cancer and coaching:


Why is it that some people have such rich, open conversations? To answer that question is to think about the small moments in talk. Each small moment opens up or closes off the next set of possibilities. And as those moments accumulate, we develop an understanding of what space there is between us and what is open to exploration. Stereotypes, generalizations and judgments color what is available to us. Continue reading

Reframing Learning about Leading

It is an age-old question: are leaders born or are they made? Although we recognize that some people appear to be born leaders, it is commonly accepted that the values, knowledge, and skills of leadership develop with experience. To learn – formally or informally – begins with the organic nature of our lived experience. Much of our knowledge about leading is tacit, buried in our experiences. To reflect on the experiences that shape our leadership and to claim them as unique is crucial to the work of leading. This reflective process opens up the world of intuition, and we become more aware of the complexity of leading our lives and living with others. Continue reading